Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Diplo Something Somebody

  Katy Perry said Dildo was the third best lover she ever had. Oh haha. Look at that, I called him Dildo instead of Diplo.
 Katy Perry said during a Witness World Wide livestream interview on Sunday that music producer Diplo was her third most impressive lover with John Mayer coming in number one and Orlando Bloom landing in second place.
 The 32-year-old Slave To The Rhythm singer and the 38-year-old Cold Water songwriter dated briefly in 2014.
I'm not sure who sang what. I think Katy Perry sang the first one, I could be wrong I just guessed because I wanted to sound like I was "in the know". Maybe if you have a mentally deficient teenager you could ask them. Or maybe Google. Try "shitty music".

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