Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trista Sutter is in the Hospital

Trista Sutter was the original Bachelorette(?) and it seems she had a seizure while on vacation in Croatia. Doctors aren't sure why but apparently they haven't considered the possibility that she woke up and realized she was in Croatia. Can you imagine waking up in a Croatian hospital? Jesus Christ I bet it looks like a set from Quincy in there. There slogan is probably something like: "Welcome to Croatian Medical where it's still 1978!" You can tell the whole thing was pretty serious since the first thing she did once she came out of her Croatia Coma was post a selfie to her Instagram. Of course there were the usual people writing "get well soon!" and "You still look beautiful!" Okay I wrote that last one. But I covered up those losers with a picture of yet another person I don't know that has me blocked on Twitter. Pfft her loss. Look at all this hilarity that she's missing. Jerk.

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