Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nina Agdal Does Things

Nina Agdal posted this "selfie" to her Instagram. I wonder who took the picture? Maybe she has one of those newfangled sticks all the cool kids use. But I didn't write this to solve that mystery, I really wrote this to say I used to own a tanning salon. A horrible business frequented by mostly horrible people. Its a long story how I came to own a tanning salon, so if you want to hear it sometime send me a message by carrier pigeon. Anyway Nina Agdal came in there one day to get a spray tan. I didn't recognize her but a girl that worked for me did. There were two reasons I didn't recognize her. First I don't know the names of models, I couldn't care less, and I couldn't pick most of them out of a line up. And two, she looks nothing like that in person. She looked remarkably average. Even slightly below average. Like any teen-aged girl you'd see in a mall. In fact I saw much more attractive girls come in on a daily basis. There was no aura, no heavenly angels singing, just another girl,somewhere in the Chicago suburbs. She seemed very nice. That was a great story wasn't it?

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