Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tommy Lee Likes Banzai S

Noted woman beater and former Motley Crue drummer 54 year old Tommy Lee was seen kissing his 30 year old girlfriend Brittany (of course) Something outside of a sushi restaurant. Sorry I saw her last name but I already forgot it. As I've said before the difference in their ages is absolutely meaningless to me, as anyone 30 years old or over is pretty much the same to me as anyone else. I make no distinction between a 30 year old or 50 year old. I could be wrong but it's my blog and you can't say shit to me. If I was her I'd be more worried about getting my face punched in then whether or not my boyfriend is older than she is. I haven't even brought up her ridiculous shirt yet. Whatever it's your life if you want to walk around in a Budweiser shirt that's totally up to you.

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