Monday, July 10, 2017

Elizabeth Hurley Uses Both Hands

Here's 52 year old Elizabeth Hurley in a picture she posted to her Instagram account yesterday while she was doing some gardening and holding a squirting hose with both hands. I'm not sure why you'd work in your garden in a bathing suit but then I'm not a model. In fact the only reason I even wrote about her today was because she's a good fall back position because she's hot and always desperate for attention and so she runs around in skimpy clothes all day long and I'll be busy for a while because I have to fix the brakes on my truck. Shirtless. You hear that Liz? If you want to stop by and do some yoga in the yard until I finish up maybe we can work in the yard with my hose later too. I just put down some grass seed you perverts and watering it is a two person job.

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