Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Paris Jackson Wants to be a Hippie

Paris Jackson dressed like a hippie to visit some charity in L.A. Why? I don't know. I'll never understand the fascination people in their teens and 20's have with hippies. It seems to be on a 20 year cycle though because I remember it happened in the 90's too. Although then it was just the clothes, moving to Seattle, painting peace symbols on things, playing hacky sack and for reasons I'll never understand, juggling sticks. Nobody really had much of a hippie attitude beyond that, it was just fashion. I guess wanting to be a hippie is just something everyone has to go through. Sort of like getting chicken pox, or going through puberty. "Welcome to your teen years here's a tie dyed shirt and an album by The Doors!" You're not original Paris.

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