Friday, August 21, 2015

Gene Simmons Does it Wrong

I know I'm a little hard on KISS but it's only because I hate them. They have got to be one of the worst bands in the history of music ever. Not really as individuals though I'm sure they're all fine people plus Gene Simmons actually seems like a pretty cool guy.  Paul Stanley can go fuck himself. Anyway I was going to write about how Gene Simmons' house was raided and it had something to do with child porn but according to the cops it has nothing to do with him or his family.
 "No members of the Simmons family are suspects in the case and were extremely cooperative,"
See? It's a non-story.  No, this is about that picture. I don't care if you invented Heavy Metal or if you've been in KISS for 115 years,  that is not how you do the Devil horns salute or whatever it's called. THIS is how you do it. That's "I love you" in sign language. I can't believe I had to link a story from The Jacksonville Florida paper to teach you idiots this. People have been doing that thing since the 70's and you still can't get it right. Don't make me chop off your thumbs because I'll do it.

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