Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taylor Swift is in a Hurry

Think Your last girlfriend was a little clingy? Taylor Swift met Calvin Harris six months ago --so basically in March -- and has since decided it was about time she spent $7.2 million dollars on a house so she could be close to her new life's love's family. Hey c'mon Calvin, are you serious or aren't you?
Tower of Lethendy boasts eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms in the main house - a Scottish Baronial manor house which dates back to 1570 - as well as two gate lodges and two staff cottages. The estate also includes its own 18-hole golf course, heated swimming pool and tennis courts across the 40-acre site.
 Remember when she spent $4.9 million dollars after dating him for "several months" so she could be close to Conor Kennedy? In her defense that was probably so he wouldn't have to drive too far when he was drunk to pick her up for dates. I like Taylor Swift but if she was a normal person, she'd be the girl at the end of the bar no one would talk to because the next day she'd be pushing her baby carriage to your house with her little bulldog in it dressed up like a baby.

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