Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jason Kay is still Alive

Remember Jamiroquai? Of course you don't, who does? They had a hit here in the US about 20 years ago when people thought hacky sack and those juggling sticks were cool and all my friends switched from giant hair to wearing Birkenstocks virtually over night for reasons that still baffle me. Well it seems Jamiroquai singer Jason Kay has a stalker. And not only that he also has a $7 million dollar house. Don't ask me how the economy works.
Jamiroquai star Jay Kay suffered panic attacks after an infatuated female stalker repeatedly declared her love to him on his doorstep, a court heard.The singer, whose full name is Jason Kay, said he felt 'genuine fear' after the bizarre and unpredictable harassment from Australian-born Ilona Angel.The 51-year-old fan Ilona Angel turned up at the singer's luxurious home in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, on numerous occasions over six months.
 She's 51? I don't know man it seems like you could do a lot worse. And he said he suffered panic attacks and sleepless nights because of her. Jesus what a pussy. I suggest  just giving the lady what she wants. I was going to say maybe she'll chain you up in her basement so we'll never have to hear from you again but this is the first time I've heard about you in 20 years so I guess that really wouldn't make a difference.

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