Monday, January 16, 2017

Elvis is Everywhere

Idiots on the internet and around the world are insisting this is Elvis Presley visiting Graceland over the weekend. Which person you ask? They guy with the white beard of course. Why not the black guy in the back? Or how about the woman with the furry hood? They all look at least as much like Elvis as that guy. First of all, Elvis was born in 1935. Does that guy really look like he's 82 years old? Secondly he died in 1977 so I have no idea why anyone keeps insisting that guy is still alive. I remember a spate of Elvis sightings during the 80's and it seemed every bit as ridiculous then. The great Mojo Nixon even wrote a song about it.  Oh hey, I think they're ready for you whackos back in the electroshock therapy room and your cages are all swept clean. I'll see you guys during the next visiting hours

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