Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Osher Günsberg

Osher Günsberg is a host of some show, and a rich guy from the 1920's (inset). I think the show he's on is The Bachelor, or maybe The Bachelorette but I think it's in a different country. Australia or something. Maybe it was Austria. I'm not really sure those two countries are so close together I always get them confused. Despite all that, he dressed up like a waiter form an ice cream parlor and got married. I'm not sure to who but he's petting a dog in that picture, and you know how people from Europe are. Whatever you do, don't look at his gorilla feet.

P.S. I had a link to this story that I was going to include but I closed the tab and I forgot where I found it. So if you want to read more about Osher Günsberg, try Reddit or wherever people go for up to the minute Osher Günsberg news.

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