Thursday, February 1, 2018

Melissa Gilbert is a Hero

 Melissa Gilbert did an interview with First For Women magazine and she talks about having all of her plastic surgeries etc. undone...
 'I had my breast implants removed and I'm no longer doing fillers or Botox because I'm a 53-year-old woman and I'm trying to embrace this process of aging.'
She first revealed in 2015 she had her implants removed. 
She added: 'I'm grateful to my body for holding up through some major health issues and serious surgeries.'
 The picture above, by the way, is her in 2005, and the one on the right is her today. Still pretty if you ask me. Anyway I have only one question. Why? You have the money and the technology exists, why not look as good as possible for as long as possible? What could possibly be the objection to that? I don't understand at all. I mean okay, if you're doing it for others I can see why you might not want to do that, but if you don't like your nose or your boobs and you want to change them, and you have the resources, why wouldn't you? I will never understand but hey it's her body if she's happy in it than that's really all that matters.

 I of course think about plastic surgery all the time. Not for myself of course because I look pretty damn good. But if the time comes man I'm going down swinging. You can keep your high moral tone, because they'll bury me with perfect hair and teeth.

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