Friday, February 23, 2018

Teresa Giudice and Her Monkeys on Parade

Teresa Giudice and her grease ball husband Joe (of course) were on a reality television show called Real Housewives of New Jersey and were both convicted of fraud involving loans, and mortgages, and various other criminal acts that I don't care about. They were both sent to prison although Teresa has since been released because she's less guilty? No of course not it's because she's a woman. Anyway their prison stay was rewarding and let's say so far at least Teresa is thrilled with the results!
 “I saw him last Saturday. He was 245 when he went in, and now he weighs 185,” the 45-year-old reality personality revealed. “He looks so hot and I just can’t wait for him to come home. I’m really ready for him to come home.”
She's also thrilled with her own year long stay behind bars because she managed to lose 10 pounds. Jesus. This is what these two idiots are taking away from all of this. I guess it's not really their fault they are after all, Italians from New Jersey. Asking these two dullards to learn anything would be like shaving a gorilla and dropping him off at a Buddhist temple, expecting him to come back enlightened.

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