Thursday, July 5, 2018

Britney Spears Update

Britney Spears posted a picture on Instagram of her dressed in a way I can only describe as a trashy hillbilly. There are two reasons why this works for her. And me.

1. She's hot as fucking Hell
2. She's basically a trashy hillbilly

That's not a slam at all you can trust me. As a guy that's a little older than the average internet user (not in my teens or twenties) and has a million times more experience with women than you sorry bunch of virgins, believe it or not you want a girl that can chug Wild Turkey straight from the bottle with one hand while lighting M-80s with the other. Some day you'll understand.

By the way, I decided to stop covering the asinine comments left by psychotic loners on these posts that I screen grab rather than asking for permission to use  because I didn't feel like going through all the rigmarole today. Maybe next time.

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