Thursday, July 12, 2018

Personal Opinion Piece

No Larry David isn't dead. I have no idea if his new show is starting, and I couldn't possibly care less if it was. I just happened to think of this for some reason. I also wouldn't care if his show won 10 Academy Awards and it was voted "Most Hilarious Show in the History of Television" by the internet hive-mind for the next five generations.  For years and years I couldn't watch Seinfeld because I couldn't stand the George Costanza character. Just the sight of him made me want to throw a brick through my TV and that got to be expensive. And guess who the George Costanza character is based on. Yes, Larry David.

 And think about this for a minute. They probably had to make the George Costanza/Larry David character a little more likeable for TV audiences, so as terrible as the George/Larry character was, just imagine how awful Larry David must be in real life. But I happen to think Seinfeld is still an awesome show and I wasn't going to let this disgusting human being ruin it for me. Do I have an unnatural almost pathological hatred of Larry David? Maybe. But it it isn't my fault he's terrible.

I know this probably isn't a popular opinion on the internet, but the internet also spent three or four years being obsessed with -- as nice as I'm sure she is -- Betty White for reasons I will never understand, so I'd take all internet opinions with a huge grain of salt. Anyway, watch your stupid Larry Sanders Hour or whatever the fuck it's called and I'll be doing absolutely anything else.

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