Saturday, June 27, 2020

Maisie Smith Blows Up

Somebody left their Real Doll out in the woods. Too bad, those things are pretty expensive. I kid, I kid. That's actually a real live human, and not at all an inflatable sex toy, named Maisie Smith. At least I THINK that's the real and not inflatable version. She's - what else - a UK reality TV person. Believe it or not I think people in the UK have to pay for their televisions kind of like cable. I may not be 100% correct about that but I don't live there so I don't need to understand how that works. Believe it or not people that don't live in your country don't have to know or care about how every minute thing works as you go through the the motions of your every day life wherever you live.  It's hard to imagine paying to watch people like this, do whatever it is they do, but they do. And evidently a lot of it too.

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