Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Amy Schumer Says Stuff

Amy Schumer admits to having a crush on Christian Bale in an interview with W Magazine.
'I haven’t watched it in a while, but maybe I’d still feel attracted to 15-year old Christian. I definitely wanted to have sex with him when he was emaciated in The Machinist. She added: 'I’ll take Christian any way I can get him.'
Despite the fact that she's all over the internet every day I still don't know who she is or what magazines are, and you can't make me learn. And if what she says is true, than girls really do mature faster than boys because the Machinist was released in 1992 so that means she wanted to have sex with Christian Bale when she was 11. 11? When I was 11 I was still using Cootie Spray on chairs where girls were sitting and trying not to wet my pants. Don't worry I've solved the second problem. Mostly.

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