Thursday, January 7, 2016

Will Work for Food

This isn't a "I Hate Amy Schumer" page - I don't even know who she is - but it seems like she's in the news, every single day so you get garbage like this because I'm lazy and click on the first links I see. Voila. The secrets of writing exposed. And this is only sort of about her anyway. And what is THE BIG AMY SCHUMER NEWS OF THE DAY? 

She has a new boyfriend! ohmygodohmygoohmygodohmygodzmogfart
 Amy Schumer has acquired a new boyfriend, a civilian man named Ben Hanisch. The two of them appear in a vacation photo together, which Hanisch put on Instagram and captioned with a cheesy little love note, so you know this is the real deal.
If your idea of a hot guy is the scary panhandling paint huffer at the expressway exit ramp asking for change then yeah he's a pretty hot guy I guess. But it's Amy Schumer so she could be dating Charles Manson and internet retards would be crying and talking about what a wise decision she made. Welcome to 2016

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