Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stephanie Seymore was Arrested

Stephanie Seymour was arrested for being cool last Friday. Okay maybe not cool - she was drunk - but really it's kind of the same if you think about it.
...the model stopped her Land Rover at the end of an off-ramp from Interstate 95 and then put the vehicle in reverse, colliding with a Mercedes Benz. An arrest report obtained by PEOPLE claims Seymour's vehicle was on its side when they arrived at the scene The arrest report claims there was a "strong odor of an alcoholic beverage [e]mitting from" Seymour's mouth as she spoke. 
 After six or seven requests for her license, registration and insurance, she finally was amble to fumble through her purse as she handed over her Connecticut driver's license along with a credit card...
 She handed over her license and a credit card? Yeah that's pretty drunk and she had absolutely no business driving a car. Next time give me a call Stephanie. I have a car and a bottle of tequila and we won't worry about society's "rules".

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