Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Olivia Jade is Still Somebody

 Remember Olivia Jade? Probably not. She's an "influencer" that became actually famous - at least momentarily - because her mom bought her way into college and then went to prison for doing her that favor.  I wonder if she ever got coronavirus? So anyway, life went on, everybody except dumb 20 year olds forgot Olivia Jade existed, and her arc concludes with her (Olivia) taking her chicken legs and appearing on Dancing With the Stars. Which is pretty much what washed up celebrity - "celebrity" - types do these days. I didn't even know that was still on TV.

 I don't know whether she won or lost because the only thing I care less about than Olivia Jade is whoever Pete Davidson is dating now, especially since he seems mostly attracted to skanks. Which, believe me, I totally understand, I suppose it's a phase we all go through. Fortunately for me I don't need to see the skanks I dated on Yahoo! News or wherever the fuck they write about these gross people.