Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Hemsworth is Daring

 One of the Hemsworth brothers, I'm not really sure which one is against abusing children. Look pal, his name is in the lower left hand corner of the header picture, If you really want to know why not just look down? I would, but I'm a very busy man. It's about time you did some things for yourself anyway. This particular Hemsworth brother is taking part in an initiative to "raise awareness" of violence against children by painting one of his fingernails? I don't get it.
 'One in five children fall victim to physical and/or sexual violence, before they turn 18. That’s one too many. For the month of October, I’ll be painting one nail to represent this statistic and raise awareness and funds to end violence against children.'
 I almost never understand these social media driven, raising awareness type campaigns. Mostly because I'm not an effeminate 22 year old. What does painting one nail have to do with anything. But hey good for him. It's a daring, some might even say risky, stance to be against people abusing children. What next, being totally against kicking puppies? I'm shaving half of my head for the month of December to stop people from setting kittens on fire because setting kittens on fire is bad can't you see that? Oh you think that's dumb, do you? I can't believe it. Maybe you're the type that would set a kitten on fire. You monster. Why don't you go hang out with Hitler.

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