Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Renee Zellweger is on a Talk Show

I'm writing about Renee Zellweger again not only because I think she's cute, but because she was on Jimmy Fallon's talk show. And that's the real reason I'm writing this. Why does Jimmy Fallon still have a talk show. Of course I'm coming at this as someone that hates talk shows instead of somebody that enjoys late night talk shows and has to wear a helmet when I leave the house. You will never ever make me understand their appeal. I liked Johnny Carson as a person. What I mean is he seemed like a decent kind of funny guy, but I hardly ever watched his show. It was always the same people over and over again. "Here's George Segal! Did you know he plays the banjo?" and "Let's welcome funny man Richard Belzer!"  David Letterman was really funny before he just became whatever it was he became toward the end but in that case it was mostly Paul Shaffer. I couldn't even stand the sight of that asshole I have no idea why. To me he was a human version of fingernails on a chalk board. Anyway I'm going to wrap this up now. Enjoy your talk shows and don't forget to pin your mittens to your jacket.

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