Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is Kurt Cobain Alive?

No. No he's not. First of all, Kurt Cobain ate the barrel of a shotgun and blew his head quite literally off. So unless they figured out a cure for that all of you pathetic wackos can forget about the possibility that he's still alive. Secondly, even if he was still alive he'd be almost 50 years old. Still not exactly elderly, especially now in a world where people routinely live to be 100. But that's a guy named Ramiro Saavedra and he's 32, and doesn't look much older than that. If anything he looks younger than 32. For proof there are pictures of him all over the internet because of this asinine theory now that I didn't feel like linking because I have better things to do. Hey here's an idea YOU Google him. It's Ramiro Saavedra, just copy and paste that name into your Google search bar. Hey look at you just like an internet detective. Maybe I'll call you Gumshoe Junior and we'll fight crime together.

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