Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maggir Grifenylnehall and Petere Skarsgaaaarhd Go Places

If you're like me - and you're probably not, you couldn't handle this much cool - you know who Maggie Gyllenhaal is but you aren't sure if you've ever seen her in any movies. You've also read the name Peter Sarsgaard but...uh... Jesus I had too check five times to make sure I spelled their names right. Anyway if you didn't know who they were and had to judge them based strictly on the picture I'd guess they were the people down the street with all the books they've pretended to have read plainly visible through their front window, the pretentious "art" in their front yard and the "I'm With Her" Hillary bumper sticker on their Subaru. Oh sure they're polite to your face but they call you a redneck behind your back until they have a problem with their car they need you to fix FUCK YOU ERIC

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