Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cyndi Lauper Uses the Bathroom

 Cyndi Lauper explained on the "Seth Meyers' Super-Fun Time Late Night Party Time Show" why she's still playing her concert in North Carolina despite whatever all the hubbub is about. I know it has something to do with bathrooms or transvestites or something, but I don't live in North Carolina, so unless they're still selling slaves or hunting humans for sport or it's turned into a real life Rocky Horror Picture Show, I couldn't possibly give less of a fuck what they do there.
“I thought if I didn’t play North Carolina, big fat deal. No one would care,” Lauper said. (She's right. No one would - ED.
I figured okay, here we are in this situation again,” Lauper said. “Well, let’s make it a rally, and on my rider I have to have a non-gender-specific bathroom, cause that’s on my rider.”
Your rider says you have to have a non-gender specific bathroom? Which one? The private bathroom in your dressing room? Good job! Way to stick it to the man you rebel. People will call you the Rosa Parks of the Potty Protests. I honestly had no idea that Cyndi Lauper was still touring and I hadn't thought of her before today since literally at least 1989 so your mighty star power will help put an end to this madness of pay toilets or whatever you bunch of people are whining about this time. Godspeed mighty warrior.

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