Sunday, May 15, 2016

Taylor Swift Has Hustle

Taylor Swift always looks like she's running. Maybe that's how she stays so thin. Cardio is an important addition to any fitness regimen. It could be she was a deer in a past life and she has weird flashbacks and just occasionally bolts into parking lots or careens through restaurants, have you ever seen those videos, that's nuts. Or maybe she has a multi-chambered stomach for late night cud chewing. Or maybe she's a deer now.  A singing walking, talking, deer. Now that I think about it I've never heard her actually talk. And who knows those videos could all be CGI creations they just photo shop out the antlers. What if this is all some elaborate ruse and she's the point man for some kind of an elaborate and as yet unknown and completely pointless deer attack. Taylor Swift just visited me in my house. I've been awake since yesterday.

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