Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Lady in Red

Paulina Porizkova --51 year old Paulona Porizkova-- posted this picture on her Instagram account to wish her husband Ric "The Ostrich" Ocasek a happy 27th anniversary. No offense Paulina but after 27 years I'm going to guess he's probably not all that impressed anymore.  It must be nice to have professional photographers just hanging around waiting to take your spur of the moment, candid selfies. She looks like one of those hot moms you see at the grocery store that's wearing jeans with elaborate stitching on the pockets and high heels that you would talk to, but their bald, barrel chested, psychopathic Russian strongman looking husband might grind you under the wheels of his used, black, 2008 Mercedes in the parking lot. During my "research" for this article I noticed she's an author. Probably like how I'm an author, "HEY LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY I'M TYPING WORDS!" only I bet she has some gay, unpaid intern with a stupid haircut and oversized glasses do all that for her. Where can I get one of those?

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