Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tom Hiddleston Will Make You Some Tea

!!!CONFIRMED!!! Tom Hiddleston is in negotiations to play James Bond in the ongoing and increasingly boring film franchise. I mean let's face it, Sean Connery is James Bond. "Dr. No", "From Russia With Love", "Thunderball", "Goldfinger"... Oh sure I personally think "Live and Let Die" is actually one of the best James Bond movies overall and that stars Roger Moore but still, have you ever sat through a whole James Bond movie? My guess would be most likely not. I'm pretty sure they make them all three and a half hours long on purpose just so they can destroy as many $200,000 cars as they can. Well, this time they picked a new guy based strictly on his British sounding name Tom Hiddleston. Could you be more British than that? Not unless his middle name is Crumpets. Still nothing is confirmed, sources say they're still talking to a guy named Ian-Geoff St John Smythe Wrigglesworth. Good luck Ian.

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