Monday, July 25, 2016

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel. Whoever That Is.

OMG! Brie Larson is the new Captain Marvel! I thought Captain Marvel was a dude. Or is that Captain America. I really have no idea I've never heard of Brie Larson or Captain Marvel. You'd think if you had superpowers you'd pick a higher rank like colonel, or at least major. Major Marvel. Doesn't that sound better? No I don't think so either but then the last thing the world needs is yet another comic book movie. Don't you nerds ever get tired of this crap? Seriously the movies are all exactly the same. Misfits that don't fit in become popular, right the wrongs, and win the girl at the end. Or in this case the guy. Unless she's gay, I mean nowadays that's more likely and I might actually go see that movie. You should see all of those types of movies I have bookmarked.  Not everyone is a misfit you know. Take me for instance. I'm a winner. And the only Brie I ever heard of before this big announcement was Bree Olson plus she's very cute, and I can see her naked at the drop of a hat so if you ask me she's the real superhero in this story.

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  1. Love when the profile pic of an author tells all... LOL!!!!!!! ... Man, oh man, are you an unbelievable hater. I trust that you have a real occupation and that your blogs are nothing more than shenanigans, let alone your grandiose assumption that anyone gives a shit about your "opinion." Again, I really HOPE you are able to hang your hat on something other than this nonsensical bullshit that you are spewing.