Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lily Allen is a Good Citizen

Remember Lily Allen? Boy I sure do. Who could forget that one song she did. Or that time she was in that thing? Oh man the memories. I guess Lily has a short memory too. Like that time she said this...
 The outspoken singer said avoiding paying tax was “greedy and wrong”, pointing out the money should be used to fund public services such as the NHS and transport systems.

Oh I agree. But I suppose she probably feels a little differently now that she apparently has to sell her $5.5 million dollar house, to pay back taxes. You know, the ones she never filed in the first place.
 Pop Star Lily Allen has been forced to put her £4.2 million country pile (country pile? -Ed.) on the market after being hit by a huge tax demand
 Oh but don't worry, she's apparently moved into a two bedroom apartment in London and was totally going to downsize anyway. Gee that's really all too bad.  What a shame. Imagine at one point having enough money to buy a $5 million dollar house, and now you owe so much in taxes you have to sell it. Maybe she's never heard that story about the frog that gives a scorpion a ride on his back across a rain swollen river because the frog wants to be nice to the poor scorpion. Except her story is a little different. She's the frog, and the government is the scorpion except it's a gigantic 18 wheeler that's going to run her down and leave her with permanent injuries that will make her homeless. Hey buck up Lily at least you'll have a nice smooth sidewalk or a fancy "transport system" to sleep on. And it's all because you did your duty as a citizen and paid your taxes. Ta daa! See? The system works.

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