Friday, July 8, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Goes to the Gun Show

Jennifer Lopez was on the set of her new movie or TV show, I'm not sure what it is, called "Shades of Blue" looking for someone to arm wrestle. Fine, I'll do it. As long as she doesn't somehow use that giant ass of hers that would be cheating. Wait a minute. That makes zero sense. Give me a break would you there's been fuck all to write about and frankly I haven't much felt like writing and it takes me a few posts to really get into the swing of things. I was thinking about a story about Bradley Cooper but who really cares about that guy anymore. Remember him? I bet Brad and Zorn Snuffleupagus meet once a month and reminisce about "The Hangover".  "Remember when we were all anyone talked about?"  says Brad while the two are on a fly fishing trip to the Adirondacks. "Oh yes" says Zorn as he reels in a two pound steelhead trout. "Indeed those were the days" says Zim. "Hey want to do The Hangover Part 4?"  And history is made.

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