Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Shame on You For Being Dumb

The woman on the left is named Liz Krueger, a fitness instructor from Minnesota. The women on the right are a representation of the woman that I'm pretty sure gave her a hard time for wearing that skin tight dress to a (I imagine former) friend's wedding. Yes, she wore that outfit to a friends wedding which, anyone with half a brain could have told you was a huge mistake. Not because it looks tacky, which c'mon admit it, it kind of does,  but because everyone over the age of 12 that isn't pretending to be sensitive knows exactly how are other women are when faced with a dress like that. Especially at a wedding. And if she didn't know then she's an idiot. A very, very hot idiot. I can just imagine the bride on her "special day" bursting into tears, and then into flames like the vampire guy at the end of "Fright Night" the second Liz walked in the door at the reception and everyone turned at looked at Liz instead of whoever was getting married like that matters now.  Look Liz. I know this is a tough time for you what with all the internet arguments over your dress and whatnot so if you feel like talking just let me know we can meet for dinner or something. You know a nice dark place where no one will recognize us. You can even wear that dress if you want that's fine.

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