Monday, July 11, 2016

Joe Perry Collapsed

Joe Perry collapsed on stage while performing with his band Hollywood Vampires and his "brother vampires" as they apparently call themselves, which is the stupidest thing I'll probably hear for the rest of the year. Brother vampires? hahaha I LOL just reading that (that means laugh out loud for all you non-hip people).  No word yet on the cause but it was probably from all the stress from coming out as an old lesbian. He could have just been tired from listening to all that shitty music. Or maybe, since it was during a performance at Coney Island it was from all the cotton candy, hot dogs and root beer floats. Watch out for the ring toss game Joe, that guy is crooked. You think he just gives away big cigars like that? No sir. Now go get yourself that pretty girl if her dance card isn't already full. Coney Island is always so much fun.

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