Monday, August 8, 2016

Amber Rose is a Nerd in Bed

Amber Rose has a TV show? Who the Hell is Amber Rose? I have a bunch of tattoos and I'm a moron, how come I don't have a TV show too? It seems pretty obvious that you imbeciles will watch just about anything so why not watch me instead, I could use the money. Whatever. On her so called "TV show" she says she's a nerd in bed whatever that means...
Despite being so brash and outspoken sexually, the curvy model admitted on her TV show The Amber Rose Show that she would ‘shock’ most people by how ‘normal’ she is, adding: ‘I feel like I’m just such a nerd in the bedroom.’
What does that mean? Does she make light saber noises with her mouth during sex? Does she argue about comic books online and eat Doritos while she's doing it? Is a Boba Fett, or maybe a stormtrooper helmet involved? See? Look at all the ideas I just gave you. Even being a "nerd" in bed can be fun. Having sex isn't really all that difficult maybe you're just over thinking it. Sometimes I think it would be hilarious if, on one of these dumb talk shows no one had anything really interesting to say, they'd all have to just sit and stare at the camera. Just imagine all the silence. Yes, I have to admit as much as I enjoy writing this stuff sometimes I really get sick of these fucking idiots.

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