Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hailey Baldwin Buys a Snapple

This is Alec Baldwin's 19 year old daughter Hailey. She's cute isn't she? Of course she's some kind of model. Know how I know that? This was from a photo shoot for "Guess?" so you can see how I arrived at that conclusion. I'm a master of deducements. Is that a word? I typed it so it must be. I don't even know what Guess? is. Don't they make jeans and stuff? Didn't they used to make clothes? Like jeans with buttons in the front instead of a zipper and the top folds down into a triangle like from the year 1987? Who knows, I get all my clothes at the Dollar Tree anyway. Kim Basinger is her mother and thank God she got her looks instead of her father's. Alec Baldwin wearing a suit looks like a wise cartoon manatee that all the other cartoon characters go to for half-baked wisdom.

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