Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Look at Me Everybody I'm an Introvert!

Amy Schumer thinks she's an introvert...

"I'm a classic introvert",  she told talk show host Stephen Colbert

Amy Schumer is a comedienne with her own television show (is that still on?) and an "author", such as it is, but I'm buying her a dictionary for Christmas because I'm pretty sure Amy doesn't know what the word introvert means She's just saying that because she's mixing her internet life and real world life together. You see, there's this bizarre phenomena on the internet where suddenly everyone is an introvert that loves books. Yeah I don't really get it either.  Oddly, she said this on Stephen Colbert's nationally broadcast television talk show. Colbert is also a living breathing former internet meme, who to me is one notch above George Takei, another living internet meme, so this is all very weird to me how these two worlds are clashing. I didn't think I'd ever long for the days when the only thing internet dumbshits talked about was bacon or zombies and vodka but here we are. And now here's Amy saying she's an introvert for attention. See? That's the opposite of being an introvert. But it's super fun to just say random things isn't it? I'm a classic astronaut. Oh it's so liberating to finally get that off my chest.

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