Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hope Solo Got Suspended

Hope Solo has been suspended for six months from playing soccer for calling the Swedish soccer team "a bunch of cowards".

I thought that we played a courageous game," Solo said. "I thought that we had many opportunities on goal. I think we showed a lot of heart. We came back from a goal down. I'm very proud of this team.
"I also think we played a bunch of cowards. But, you know, the best team did not win today. I strongly, firmly believe that. I think you saw America's heart. You saw us give everything that we had today. Unfortunately, the better team didn't win."

 The sentence was handed down by "U.S. Soccer" or "Soccer America", or "HURRAY FOR SOCCER!" or whatever the governing body of that stupid sport is. Girls that are really that much into sports give me the creeps. Guys are bad enough. Especially when you gotta listen to their sports talk nonsense at barbecues or in bars or whatever but I've learned to deal with that, but girls? It just makes my skin crawl, I don't know why. Probably because if you went out for a couple of drinks, after she got liquored up she'd probably ask you to arm wrestle or something and when she beat you (because she probably would) she'd run around the room screaming "BOOYAH!" and hi five every cargo short wearing dickbag in the place only to be interrupted when someone stops to asks her about the NFL draft.

 Girls are moody and weird enough already. I don't need someone that's going to have her whole weekend ruined because the Kingston Ducks or whatever the fuck, blew the final game and won't make it into the playoffs for the Buffalo Wild Wing's Trophy of Greatness. You know what Hope? Just forget it stop calling me.

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