Monday, June 6, 2016

Jack Black Isn't Dead

Jack Black is not dead. Yeah I know I'm as surprised as you 
Social media was sent into a frenzy today after a hacked Twitter account claimed actor Jack Black had died overnight.   
Messages posted by the official account of Tenacious D, the comedy rock band co-founded by the comedian, said he had 'died at the age of 46', adding: 'The cause of death is yet unknown.'
But just hours later, the same profile wrote: 'Calm down guys! It's just a prank bro, look there's the camera...' It is believed the account had been a hacker took over the account.
I should like Jack Black. He seems pretty cool, we both come from the "same place", I bet he's been to plenty of the same exact metal concerts as me, probably on the same tours,  I "understand" him, and we're both devastatingly handsome. Well I am at least. But for some reason I'm totally indifferent to him and think he's only mildly amusing and mostly just smug, and annoying which, oddly enough, is probably the exact same thing people say about me. And now after some thought, it isn't Jack Black I dislike, it's his annoying fans. So if you're a fan of Jack Black it's highly likely we both hate you and me and Jack are going to go hang out and subtly make fun of you right to your stupid face but you won't even realize it.

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