Thursday, June 30, 2016

Johnny Depp is a Rocker

Someone took a picture of Johnny Depp going to dinner. Judging by the sport coat I'd say it was the Early Bird Special over at Golden Corral but I'm not here to talk about the sport coat. What I always wondered was, do you have to put on all those necklaces every day? Or do you just leave them on all the time. Maybe that's why Amber split. Maybe she was sick of playing second fiddle to your 80's rocker costumes. And right on schedule it looks like he's sporting the beginnings of a faux-hawk. Something about men hitting their 40's and 50's forces them to get into the whole faux-hawk thing. I have no idea why. But I guess if anything, the necklaces and the faux-hawk will make Christmas shopping for him much, much easier, and as luck would have it I have coupons for the Tap Out shirt store. I was going to surprise you but, Merry Christmas John!

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