Monday, June 6, 2016

Wlmer and Demi Break Up

In a shocking development, Wilma Valhalla, the guy from "That 70's Show" and a plethora of other things I'm sure,  and Demi Lovato ended their six year relationship.  I say shocking development because I didn't even know they were dating. Mainly because he's 36 and she's 23, which in and of itself to me wouldn't seem odd at all, there are pornstars younger than 23. A lot younger. But they've been dating for six years which means when they met he was 30 and she was basically a junior, or maybe, MAYbe a senior in high school. I guess 17 year olds are different nowadays who knows. I wouldn't because I don't want to have sex with 17 year olds, I want to punch most of them in the face. Well the boys anyway. Okay the girls sometimes too but that's just me.  But hey, since your single again Wilmer, here's the legal age of consent for every state in the union. You know, in case you get sick of being alone.

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