Friday, June 3, 2016

Queen Letizia Was Doing Things

Queen Letizia of Spain was in the news but as usual I don't know why because I didn't bother reading the story. I mean really who cares. I still don't know why these European countries have royal families anyway but they do. What is this the 16th century? But you go ahead and have a king and queen while we keep going to Mars and have space stations and MagLev trains and at least three different places you can buy fried chicken you bunch of losers. What is she the queen of anyway? The Basketball Head People? That's right Spain I just made fun of your "Queen's" gigantic head what are you going to do about it? Put on a sombrero and take a month long vacation at the Dead Sea? I don't know why you need a vacation anyway,  people in Europe only work three days a week from like 11am to 3pm with three naps included by law. I guess all that driving on the wrong side of the road and hating America for being better than you and saving your asses every chance we get gets exhausting.

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